PR and Self-Promotion

The workshop on PR and self-promotion provided participants with a wide range of knowledge on how to build and promote their music careers in the online space. Participants gained an understanding of the difference between PR, marketing and branding and learned how to use these tools effectively to promote their music careers. The workshop also provided an overview of PR and marketing strategies that are useful for musicians and how to develop a strong online identity.

At the end of the workshop, participants not only received theoretical knowledge, but also concrete tools on how to use PR, marketing and branding to their advantage. They understood the importance of an online persona and learned why it is essential to engage with music promotion to build their career. They also gained a detailed understanding of their own branding style that they can apply across all online platform. 



Irma de Jong - Executive Music & Cultural Entrepreneur, CEO at iClassical Academy, Keynote Speaker and Teacher Music Promotion

"I help musicians determine their music career and build their PR, music promotion, and online identity by setting goals; together we elaborate a daily praxis to reach them"


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