Brand Management and Social Media

New Millennium International Academy

Date: Friday 8 December 5:00 PM. CET

Instructor: Irma de Jong - Executive Music & Cultural Entrepreneur, CEO at iClassical Academy, Keynote Speaker and Teacher Music Promotion

"I help musicians determine their music career and build their PR, music promotion, and online identity by setting goals; together we elaborate a daily praxis to reach them"


What’s inside the webinar?

With so many publicity, marketing and social media tools available, it’s easy to get lost in knowing which one to use and build up a solid online identity that serves your music career.


In this Webinar, Irma will take us through the following topics:

  • How to make it strong and connected to your artist personality
  • Which social media tools to use, why and how
  • How not to get lost or waste time
  • Where to start


The webinar have the following components:

Friday 8 December, we go through your showcase and learn from experience and peers:

  • We work in groups and each group showcases the practice examples of the individual musicians (4x 10 min)
  • Irma will join each group and give suggestions and comments
  • Irma will make a conclusion and suggestion to continue your music promotion path (10 min)
  • Q&A (10 min)


What will you bring home from these Webinar?

  • How and what to for your publicity tools and how to use them
  • Know what tone to use on which platform
  • Written goals for the next three years (what you want to achieve and which kind of audience you wish to reach)
  • Work on a plan to help your communication
  • How to always check data and why
  • Time management


Duration: each Webinar has a max duration of 1,5 hour, depending on the questions the participants have.

Cost: the webinar is free of charge but registration is required. Your commitment and motivation to learn is greatly appreciated!


To apply: