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New Harmony Wind Ensemble

New Harmony Wind Ensemble


The ensemble, whose members all graduated from the Budapest Academy of Music, was established in the spring of 1999 in order to competently popularize the most outstanding pieces of the serenade and divertimento heritage, in addition to the romantic and modern repertoire inspired by them.

The band's artistic director is Zsolt Szatmári, winner of the International Clarinet Competition of Quebec, 1990, teacher at the Budapest Academy of Music since 1993, leader of the National Philharmonic Orchestra since September 2000.

Following the best Hungarian and international traditions, the ensemble endeavors to perform all the significant pieces written for the represented instrumental formation, but also wishes to embrace the excellent musical settings of originally non-wind compositions, from original adaptations to contemporary settings of popular opuses. The members of the group create their own settings too, trying to stretch the limits of wind chamber music. Consequently, these concertos are regularly performed by well-known singers, percussionists, stringers and pianists too. Last, but not least, the ensemble would like to inspire the composers of our age to write newer music for this sounding, for this special set of instruments.

In the past ten years the New Harmony Wind Ensemble gave regular concerts at prestigious Hungarian concert halls and at important national festivals and they are regular guests in Germany and Italy as well.


Artistic Director:  Zsolt Szatmári    
Founder, director:  György Olajos    
Oboe: Orsolya Kurucz Horn: László Seeman
  Diána Szász   Zoltán Bohnert
Clarinet: Gergely Parlagi Bassoon:  Tamás Kubassy
  Zsolt Szatmári   György Olajos
Bass:  Tibor Zsákai